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Whale and dolphin watching in Kalpitiya & Mirissa
Location:Kalpitiya & Mirissa
The south of Sri Lanka beyond Dondra Head is considered one of the best locations in the world for spotting Blue Whales, Sperm Whales and Spinner Dolphins. The North West coast off Kalpitiya is also ideal for spotting pods of Spinner Dolphins and whales. Boat excursions into the deep seas are possible during the season from November to April when the seas are calm in these areas. During this time, large pods of Dolphins, sometimes in their hundreds can be seen just a few miles off the coast. These Dolphins often swim along side the boats and frolic in the seas - a thrilling site for children and adults alike. Whale watching excursions in the deep seas can take up to three hours. Several private watersports companies including Mirissa Water Sports in Mirissa and Bar Reef Resorts in Kalpitiya offer whale and dolphin watching excursions.
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