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Red Dot offers highly-competitive flight deals to Sri Lanka, India and the Maldives - not just from the UK but from many worldwide destinations.


There are two ways you can book your flight - depending on your personal preference.


1. You can hold and pay for your flight immediately using our Amadeus online flight engine, with your tickets arriving a few days later.


2. Or you can take the more traditional route and ask us to research your flight for you. Just contact our flights department on with your requests and we will get back to you with a quote.

Why Red Dot Flight?

Red Dot will provide a caring, personal service, and not hide behind automated messages. UK travellers will also gain the financial security of full ATOL protection. In these uncertain times, it is a greater risk than ever to travel without it.

If you decide to book your entire holiday with us, Red Dot will divide your quote into flights, accommodation, transfers and extras so you can check that you are gaining value for money. The flexibility of our tailored holidays is unsurpassed, enabling you to escape the package-holiday mentality.

And remember there is always the danger that unforeseen circumstances might force you to change your holiday arrangements. When that happens, Red Dot will provide a caring, professional service. All backed, of course, by our guarantee to return all recoverable costs above and beyond our Booking Conditions in case of cancellation.


Our Flight FAQs

Take a look at our Flight FAQ's. They should give you all the answers you need if you have any queries about booking flights with Red Dot [Read Flight FAQs]


Online Check-in

SriLankan Airlines has been systematically introducing its own “On-Line Check-In” (called OLCI) system throughout its flight network. This allows you to check-in on the Internet before arriving at the airport, helping you avoid troublesome queues. The service is currently available at Colombo’s Bandaranaike Airport, New Delhi, Dubai, Madras, Singapore, Hyderabad, Hong Kong, Bangalore and Bejing. You have to visit up to 24 hours before your flight leaves and enter your name, airport, flight number and booking reference number. Emirates, Qatar, British Airways and KLM also offer similar services [More Information]


Carbon Calculator

Your holiday flight will have a negative environmental effect. Aeroplanes travel in the upper atmosphere and release greenhouse-gas emissions which contribute to global warming. Climate Care is an organisation which enables you to repair the damage. Your payment will fund projects that reduce emissions by the same amount that your individual share of the flight creates, making your presence climate neutral.'' Climate Care does this by funding renewable-energy projects or reforestation which either reduce emissions at source or absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. The work of Climate Care is monitored by a non-government environmental committee, including members such as the World Wildlife Fund and Forum for the Future.


Find out how much your flight adds to global warming and how much it costs to offset. Then you can be confident in the belief that your journey is not adding to global warming. Visit Climate Care website:


Sri Lanka Climate Care

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