About iTrip

Red Dot’s Sri Lanka iTrip is an interactive travel planner that has been created to help our clients design their own itineraries. The objective was to create a travel tool that was fun, easy to use and allowed clients the freedom to make their own holidays.

The latest version of the Sri Lanka iTrip is especially useful because it gives you an estimated cost or a running total as you add destinations and hotels. Moreover, it allows you to go back and adjust your selections if you have exceeded your budget.

Note, however, that the running total is merely an approximation of the holiday cost. The exact cost, which varies according to exact dates and could be more or less than the guide price, will be confirmed to you by e-mail within 1 working day of your itinerary’s submission.

How to use iTrip

To create your own itinerary you need to first answer some basic questions about the number of people of travelling, the vehicle type you’d like to choose and your starting location – usually but not necessarily the airport near Negombo. Thereafter, you will need to select:

Once you have done this for the first location you will precede to a summary page. At this point you can review and even edit your itinerary before you move on and select your next location. This circular process continues until you have completed your itinerary.

Important notes:

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