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Visas & Immigration
January 2012

Please be advised that Sri Lanka has introduced an online visa system for all travellers arriving in Sri Lanka from January 1, 2012.

Visitors must apply for the Electronic Travel Authorization via www.eta.gov.lk established in the Department of Immigration and Emigration. Fees have been introduced for this service – although they have been negotiated downwards substantially after lobbying from the travel trade.

The Department of Immigration, in consultation with the Sri Lanka travel trade, has issued the following advice:

"The ETA system will be effective from midnight 31st December, 2011  and all those who obtain VISA thereafter, will be expected to use the ETA system paying the relevant VISA fees. "For those who arrive without obtaining a Visa Approved Reference number through ETA after midnight 31st December there will be a facility to obtain 'on-arrival VISA' by paying the relevant 'on arrival VISA fee'."

Please be warned that if visas need to be obtained on arrival, it could cause long delays as well as a visa surcharge. If you have booked transport with us, your driver will wait for you in the event of any unexpected delays Arrivals. You will be provided with a mobile number for the driver before your journey and for your peace of mind may wish to make contact on arrival..
The chart below shows the visa processing fees.

Red Dot regrets any inconvenience that you may find.

The ETA Processing Fee (important: see note below):
  Charges USD $ per person (U12 no charge)
Visa category ETA processing fee Reciprocal visa fee
Tourist Visa with Double Entry for 30 days US$ 30 Not applicable
Tourist Visa Single Entry up to 90 days US$ 30 Relevant Country fee
Tourist Visa with Double Entry up to 90 days US$ 30 Twice the Relevant Country fee
Business Visa with Multiple Entry for 30 days US$ 30 Not applicable
Business Visa with Single Entry up to 90 days US$ 30 Relevant Country fee
Business Visa with Multiple Entry up to 90 days US$ 30 Thrice the Relevant Country fee
Transit Visa Single Entry for 2 days FREE Not applicable
Transit Visa Single Entry for 3-7 days US$ 20 Not applicable

Note: Children under 12 need a visa but it will be FREE OF CHARGE. Foreign nationals from the Maldives and Singapore are entitled to a free visa. India and other countries from the South Asian Association for Regional Co-operation (SAARC) will be charged a reduced visa admin fee of USD $15 (tourist) and US$25 (business).

Example of acknowledgment - 1st stage

Department of Immigration & Emigration Acknowledgement of ETA application

Dear John Smith,

Your ETA application to visit Sri Lanka has been received.

Your reference number is 111216VI14702345.

You will receive a response for your application within 24 hours.

You may make inquiries only after 24 hours of submission of your ETA application.

For inquiries
Telephone : 0094719967888
Fax : 0094112674631
E-mail : contvisa@immigration.gov.lk

This is a computer generated notice and carries no signature or seal. Department of Immigration and Emigration Sri Lanka.
Example of acknowledgment – 2nd stage
Note that early experience suggests that the reply can often take considerably longer than 24 hours.

Department of Immigration & Emigration Acknowledgement of ETA application



We are pleased to inform that your application for ETA has been approved.

ETA No : 111220VI1101393
Passport No: xxxxxxxx
Purpose of Travel: Sightseeing, holidaying
Visit Type: Double
Validity of ETA: 21/03/2012

This ETA allows you entry in to Sri Lanka for the purpose mentioned in your application. Please produce your passport together with return air ticket and proof of sufficient funds to the Immigration officer at the port of entry in Sri Lanka. You may be granted 30 days visa on arrival. If you wish to extend your stay in Sri Lanka beyond 30 days, an extension can be obtained. Please visit www.eta.gov.lk for more information.

We wish you a pleasant stay in Sri Lanka.

This is a computer generated notice and carries no signatures or seal.
Thank you.

Department of Immigration and Emigration Sri Lanka.

Thank you for being connected with Sri Lanka Immigration

Best regards

The Red Dot team

Overseas embassies of Sri Lanka:

United Kingdom: Sri Lankan High Commission, 13 Hyde Park Gardens,
London W2 2LU.  Tel: 0044 020 7262 1841
E mail:   mail@slhc-london.co.uk
Website:   http://www.slhclon.org

Germany : Sri Lankan Embassy, Niklasstrasse 19, 14163, Berlin
Tel: 004930 80 909749
E mail:   info@srilanka-botschaft.de
Website:   http://www.srilanka-botschaft.de

Australia : Sri Lankan High Commission, 3 Epire Circuit, Forest, Canberra ACT 2603.
Tell:  0061 062 239 7041/2
E Mail: admin@slhcaust.org

United States : Embassy of Sri Lanka, 2148
Wyoming Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20008. 
Tel: 001202 483 4025/9
E mail:   slembassy@slembassyusa.org 
Website:   http://www.slembassyusa.org

Canada :
 Sri Lankan Commission, Suite 1204, 333 Laurier Ave West, Ottawa, Ontario KIP 1C1.
Tel:  001613 233 8449
E mail: slhcit@rogers.com
Webiste: http://www.srilankahcottawa.org

Useful Links:
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Sri lanka:  http://www.slmfa.gov.lk
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