How will you protect our money?

We know travellers are concerned about financial pressures on all travel providers. That’s why we have changed our payment terms so we only request up to 30% deposit and the balance only 45 days before travel. For UK holidaymakers, all our flight holidays are ATOL protected.

Why else should we trust your company to arrange our holiday?

Trust, expertise and value is at the heart of everything we do. We offer independent, knowledgeable and efficient advice to devise the holiday that you need at a competitive price. Our flexible approach gives you the holiday you want and our Operations support and fair Booking Conditions protect you if things go wrong. Our caring and efficient approach has won consistent praise.

What is the best way to make contact about my holiday?

The sales and operations teams for our company are based in Colombo. This enables us to offer up-to-the-minute advice and highly-competitive prices, as well as supporting the local economy. We can deal effectively with enquiries from anywhere in the world and recommend phone or video link-up. Whenever you need to discuss your holiday with a consultant, either fill in the Contact Us form or simply give us a call, either on our international sales number (standard international call rates apply),Australia line (normal Australia call rates apply) or our UK hotline (usual UK call charges apply):

  • International: +94 117 895 810
  • Australia: +61 361 275 111
  • U.K.: +44 1937 22 88 44

How should I prepare before I contact you?

The more we know about your likes and dislikes and what most interests you, the more we can help. All the pre-planning you do is to your advantage as it helps us provide the exact holiday you need. However, if you have no ideas at all, we will help to guide you to your perfect trip.

Is the information that I provide to you safe?

Information provided in our payment centre is protected by the secure systems of Paysafe Group Limited and Stripe. We have a strict and clearly-stated anti-fraud policy (outlined below),and we shred documents holding personal information. We advise you never to email us your credit card details. We will never spam you and in the event that we will need to pass on information to third parties, it will be in line with our Privacy Policy. We shall only send you occasional information, such as a free monthly emailed newsletter, and requests to be removed from this list will immediately be respected.

Do you have a brochure?

Our holiday brochure is our unrivalled and frequently-updated Internet site. We believe that use of the Internet allows us to respond flexibly to changing circumstances, such as price cuts and last-minute offers, and offer a wider range of accommodation and specialist tours. Please take time to surf around; you will be surprised by the extensive information on offer.

I’m looking for a low-season holiday to obtain the best prices. At what time of year can I find the best deals?

Consider late June and early July, perhaps using the East coast rather than the deep South. October to early December offers good value for the West and South: the monsoon rains occur largely in the late afternoon and at night. Avoid Christmas, Easter and school summer holidays.

I don’t want a full tailor-made holiday. Are you flexible enough to help?

We value independently-minded customers. We believe that by buying flights, accommodation and transfers from us you receive many advantages. But we are happy to provide as little as a few nights of accommodation in your ideal villa. Just tell us what you need.

I am interested in one of your specialist tours, but I want to make changes. Is this possible?

Our company offers total flexibility and can respond to all requests to adjust itineraries. We will advise whether we believe the adjustments to be realistic. On occasions, these adjustments will involve a change in price. We do not levy a charge to tailor-make holidays.

When is my holiday actually confirmed?

Travel industry regulations state that you receive a Confirmation of Travel document once your holiday has been agreed and booked: this confirms your holiday. You will also receive other useful information. You should then arrange payment as laid down in our booking conditions (see next question). Until then, there is no contract between you and our company.

How can I pay for my holiday?

We offer payment by the following methods.

By Credit Card or Debit Card: We accept all major credit cards. Please use the following link to access our secure online payment gateway.

By Bank Transfer:

Payments in GBP:
Bank name: Barclays Bank Plc, South London 3, Leicester, Leicestershire, England LE87 2BB
Name of Account: Red Dot Tours Limited
Acct no: 00510203
Sort-code: 20-29-63
IBAN: GB36 BARC 20296300510203

Payments in USD:
Bank name: Barclays Bank Plc, South London 3, Leicester, Leicestershire, England LE87 2BB
Name of Account: Red Dot Tours Limited.
Acct no: 69222666
Sort-code: 20-29-63
IBAN: GB85 BARC 20296369222666

Payments in EURO:
Bank name: Barclays Bank Plc, South London 3, Leicester, Leicestershire, England LE87 2BB
Name of Account: Red Dot Tours Limited.
Acct no: 74859011
Sort-code: 20-29-63
IBAN: GB33 BARC 20296374859011


  • Customer should pay all bank charges for bank transfers. Failure to do so may lead to you being rebilled.
  • Customer should advice [email protected] when bank transfer is sent.
  • Your name and Travel Voucher reference number must be included on bank transfer details.

Can I drive my own car in Sri Lanka?

In common with other travel companies, we advise our clients not to undertake self-drive car hire unless they are highly experienced in driving conditions in this part of the world. However, we offer competitive self-drive car hire with a reputable company in specific circumstances.

If I book a car and driver, will I be hassled to make excursions or shopping trips?

Uniquely, our drivers are in possession of a strict Drivers Code, in which your safety and satisfaction are the priority. The driver knows your itinerary and is expected to follow it. How much he also acts as a guide depends upon your individual wishes. He may offer additional excursions or shopping visits, but will immediately respect your decision to say `no.’ We recommend that you contact our Colombo office if you have problems in this regard. Additional excursions may require an extra charge. Read the customer feedback for comments about our drivers.

How safe is Sri Lanka?

We retained enormous faith in holidays in Sri Lanka long before the end of the terrorist conflict in 2009. Since then, Sri Lanka tourism has prospered, but still offers wonderful value as well as infinite variety. Violent crime is extremely rare. Hygiene standards are good. Tourists are warmly welcomed.

Does Sri Lanka have accommodation with open-air bathrooms?

Whilst most of the hotels and villas have indoor bathrooms, some properties in Sri Lanka will have open-air showers or toilets, where either a section of the wall or the roof is removed. If this is an issue, please let your travel consultant know so that we can avoid booking you into this type of accommodation. You can also check whether the bathroom in your accommodation is open-air by visiting our frequently updated website, which has detailed profiles of each property.

What do you advise about money?

Local currency is Sri Lankan Rupees. Currency can only be exchanged in Sri Lanka, so you would be best to bring US Dollars, British Pounds or Euros. The bank booths in the airport arrivals hall generally offer the most competitive rates and quick service. Debit cards and credit cards can be used in most restaurants and shops. We advise against Traveller’s cheques, which are rarely accepted. ATM machines are widely available in major cities. Beware credit-card frauds whenever you pay direct. We offer a strict anti-fraud policy for your maximum protection.

Do I need a visa in Sri Lanka?

An evisa is required to visit Sri Lanka and a full range of tourist and business visas, including multiple entry and long stay, are available. Travellers must apply at You can also find more information about evisas and online arrival forms at

What protection do I have if I have to cancel my holiday?

Our stated policy is to return all recoverable costs, above and beyond the minimum shown in our Booking Conditions. We respond as quickly and fairly as we can. We expect our customers to take their holiday bookings as seriously as we do, but we recognise that holidays are occasionally cancelled for valid reasons. Our Booking Conditions give full details. We operate under EC travel law.

Why have we not received any hotel vouchers? Is our booking confirmed?

We do not supply individual vouchers to customers before travel. Our operations team has booked the hotels as shown on your Confirmation of Travel Document. All necessary hotel vouchers will be sent directly to the hotels concerned, so showing the Confirmation of Travel Document and passport at check-in is all you need to do.

What if people need to contact me in an emergency when I’m in Sri Lanka?

We provide a contacts sheet with contact details for our team in Sri Lanka. We can also provide a list of hotel phone numbers on request. Leave contact numbers, plus a copy of your itinerary, with appropriate friends or relatives. Mobile phones operate in all major areas and you can buy low-cost pay-as-you-go Sri Lankan SIM cards on arrival, or we can purchase these in advance on your behalf.

I have a medical condition that may need special assistance on the flight or during my stay. What should I do?

We recommend that you contact your doctor, at least a month before departure, and request that full details of your condition are provided in writing. We will then forward this information to the airline, ground agents, or hotels as appropriate.

When will my flight tickets arrive?

Our flight etickets are either ticketed by the airline or an agent. These may only arrive about 10 days before travel, especially in peak periods. They are emailed to you. If you require different arrangements, please give us as much notice as possible. If your email details change, please tell us!

I have heard that return flights have to be reconfirmed when we are in Sri Lanka? Is this true?

If you have booked a holiday, including flights, with Red Dot Tours our ground agents will take care of any flight reconfirmations that may be necessary. If you have arranged your own flights, it is your responsibility to check directly with the airline or flight agent.

Will we be met at the airport?

If you have booked airport transfers, you will be met by our ground agents at Bandaranaike International Airport. Our ground agents can be found holding a name card just outside the arrivals hall and we provide a mobile phone number for your driver a few days before your holiday. We can also organise a Silk Route service at the airport at an additional cost, where guests relax in a private lounge whilst airport staff fast-track and take care of all usual formalities. We do not arrange airport meet-and-greets in your own country, except in overriding circumstances.

Can I change my itinerary when I am in Sri Lanka?

Our Colombo office is willing to respond to requests for changes of hotel or a sudden change of itinerary. We recognise that new discoveries can bring the temptation for a change of plan. In some cases, however, it must be understood that such changes may prove impossible. Others will necessarily accrue a surcharge. Read your departure letter for contact numbers.

Can you recommend any shopping outlets?

Red Dot Tours provides information as part of a general service. But please note that we never officially recommend, or accept commission from, any Sri Lanka outlet and therefore cannot take any responsibility for the quality of goods sold. Any opinions expressed by Red Dot drivers are solely their own views and do not constitute company recommendations. If you make a purchase, you should be aware that you may face unexpected extra costs for tax, handling charges, customs, and delivery fees. In Australia, for example, fumigation certificates may also prove a problem.

What are the meal arrangements at villas?

For almost all villas, menus are discussed with guests on a daily basis, so fresh ingredients can be purchased by staff for your meal. It is very important that you check the cost of food with the cook and/or houseboy: there have been instances where guests have been unpleasantly surprised with the final food bill. Do keep in mind though that some villas also have menus, in which case there will be fixed prices and service charges.

Do all hotels have a liquor licence?

Some hotels have a complete liquor licence which covers the sale of all types of alcohol, whilst some have partial liquor licence which only permits the sale of beer and wine. There are also some hotels which do not have a licence at all. To find out more details about the liquor policy at the hotel(s) you will be staying at when you travel to Sri Lanka, please contact your travel consultant.

Last updated: 10-07-2024