Our commitment to eco-friendly practices

At Red Dot, we are committed to promoting sustainable travel in Sri Lanka to protect the island we love from the negative social and environmental impacts of tourism. We have put in place a variety of eco-friendly practices to enable our clients to explore Sri Lanka responsibly, such as eradicating plastic bottles from our tours, and encourage our clients to take further steps towards sustainable travel by making small changes like opting for an electronic itinerary or offsetting the carbon emissions of their flights. We also support responsible travel in Sri Lanka through initiatives which give back to local communities or are working to conserve the island’s wildlife. To help us in our mission to make our Sri Lanka tours as eco-conscious as possible, we are engaged with Travelife, a certification program which helps travel companies manage their social and environmental impact through compliance with a set of international sustainability standards. Travelife is a three-stage certification programme, and we have so far achieved stage two – Travelife Partner. Explore Red Dot’s work towards sustainable travel in Sri Lanka, from our own environmentally-friendly commitments to our top tips for an eco-friendly Sri Lanka holiday.