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Birdwatching in Jaffna

During the migrant season (September to March), birdwatching in Jaffna is a highlight for wildlife lovers. Migrant birds, along with other waders, flock to the lagoons in their thousands, which is a breath-taking sight not be missed. The best time to visit Jaffna for birdwatching is towards the end of the year when the lagoons are filled with water, the paddy fields and vegetations are lush green and the air is cooler.

Jaffna Lagoon and Kayts Causeway

During the migrant season, this region becomes a hotspot for waders, ducks and rare migrant birds. Lesser Sand Plovers, Little Stints, Black-tailed Godwits, Mash Sandpipers, Little Ringed Plovers in large numbers can be seen feeding on the sides of the road. Thousands of Gargany, Northern Shoveller, Pintail and a few Common Teal can be seen feeding in the waters of these lagoons. The pink flocks of Greater Flamingos will take your breath away for sure as you watch these graceful birds resting in large numbers on the causeways.

Karainagar Causeway

A 4km causeway which links the mainland to Karaituva Island (also known as Karainagar) and borders the Jaffna Lagoon and the ocean. This stunning landscape is made even more beautiful during the migrant season when thousands of birds flock to the lagoon.

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