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Kandy Temple and City Walk

Kandy is a place steeped in history, culture and religion. Although the effects of modernisation are visible, peek into the heart of this hill country capital and you will see that the core of this cool city remains traditional and friendly.

Meet your host by the historic Kandy Lake where he will reveal the tales behind the existence of this man-made lake. Walk through the crowds to reach the Kandy Temple, lined with little stalls selling pretty pink and white lotus flowers, waiting to be offered by devotees. The pathway to the entrance of the temple is scattered with monuments bearing significant stories from the past. Inside this intricately designed building, your host will enlighten you on the beliefs of the Buddhist faith and the architecture behind it. Heading out of the temple, stop for a quick bite at the Empire Café after which your host will finally lead you to the colourful Kandy market- full of local fruits, vegetables and handicraft amongst other things. Be ready for plenty of walking and a feast for your senses.

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