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Colombo's Street Food Walk

No holiday is complete without a chance to have an opinion on authentic local food. Despite being able to sample and savour local dishes during your time in Sri Lanka, we believe an experience to try out the street food of Sri Lanka will showcase a different dimension of this island paradise. Colombo has a rich history influenced by various civilisations from around the world, including the Portuguese, Dutch and British, each of which brought with them their own culinary traditions which shaped traditional Sri Lankan cuisine. Colombo is pulsating with lifestyles and food that have merged into each other, allowing for diversity throughout the island.

The Colombo Street Food Walk, starting at sundown with a shot of local alcohol, is geared for those prepared to take their taste buds on an adventure. Your host will lead you through a maze of streets busy with workers and small clusters of people whiling away the evening after a tough day. Let your senses explore the sights and sounds of the food – the vibrant colours of the concoction that creates a sweet beeda (a curious digestive aid originating in India), the bubbling of the fiery red curries and the sweet earthy fragrance of hot porridge. End the evening with a meal by the sea, a traditionally popular haunt for much of the Colombo crowd, be it families or friends. Your evening with the host will last about two hours and we do recommend dressing conservatively as the walk takes you through areas steeped in culture.

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