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Our Sri Lanka Itinerary Collection

Red Dot’s unrivalled collection of Sri Lanka tours offers a wealth of ideas to help you find your perfect holiday on this beautiful tropical island.

As well as our Classic Island Tour, we offer endless ideas to whet your appetite. Whether you are looking for adventure, nature and wildlife, family-friendly holidays, wonderful food in great boutique hotels, or just a few days travelling followed by a leisurely beach stay, we have something designed for you.

Our stock itineraries have been tried and tested over many years and our renowned flexibility means that our highly-skilled team of personal consultants can adjust them in any way you choose.

From the moment you arrive in Sri Lanka, you will warm to the beauty of the island, the charm of the people and the value you can still find for your money.

With Red Dot, the support you deserve at every stage of your holiday also comes alongside unbeatable prices. As thousands of happy clients have found, you really cannot do it better by struggling on independently or by using Instant Booking websites.

Trust Red Dot to help you discover the island with a Little Bit of Everything,

Ayanthi Samarajewa Director Sales

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Most Popular Itineraries

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Sri Lanka Bawa Gems
Bawa Gems
15 Days , from US $ 2456 per person

Few countries can point to such an influential figure in the development of a stylish and successful tourist sector than can Sri Lanka with Geoffrey Bawa. For decades, Bawa was Sri Lanka most influential architect and his deep understanding of the country’s cultural heritage protected Sri Lanka from the scarring of ugly tourist blocks. Even now, after his death, his standards and aspirations are revered by young Sri Lankan architects and, in the beautiful renovations seen in boutique hotels and villas, his traditions are revered.

Sri Lanka Boutique Escape
Boutique Escape
7 Days , from US $ 1574 per person

The Boutique Escape is a relaxing short break in the tea-covered highlands and by the glorious beaches of the south or west coast. Accommodation is in stylish boutique hotels and colonial bungalows – all helping to make this an unforgettable holiday. As always, we can tinker with this itinerary however you wish.

Sri Lanka Childrens Eastern Explorer
Childrens Eastern Explorer
13 Days , from US $ 1594 per person

This Children’s Eastern Explorer is suitable for families with young children who will enjoy fun-filled activities in a safe and friendly environment. We have designed an easy-paced holiday that allows families to experience the beautiful palm fringed beaches of the north-west and east of the island

Sri Lanka Classic Island Tour
Classic Island Tour
14 Days , from US $ 3061 per person

The Classic Island Tour includes the best that Sri Lanka can offer - ancient cities, tea-growing hills, wildlife parks and Indian Ocean beaches and the finest hotels. You can explore the island at your own pace, in a car or minivan, with your personal driver-cum-guide. Note that we can tailor this itinerary according to your preferences, so feel free to ask for modifications.

Sri Lanka Guesthouse Explorer
Guesthouse Explorer
15 Days , from US $ 1208 per person

The Guesthouse Explorer takes you to ancient cities, tea-growing hills, wildlife parks, Indian ocean beaches, and the best guesthouses in the island. We have carefully selected our favourite properties for you to experience – charming guesthouses in scenic locations, with friendly and helpful staff. In some sections of the trip, experience one of the world’s most beautiful train journeys for added adventure without extra cost.

Sri Lanka Island Hop
Island Hop
13 Days , from US $ 1482 per person

The Island Hop takes you through Sri Lanka’s most interesting and beautiful landscapes – from the lush green tea covered hills through scrub jungles and finally to the tranquil beaches of the South Coast. We have selected some unique hotels and bungalows for this itinerary, making each day and night a special experience on this beautiful island.

Sri Lanka Luxurious Wildlife Retreat
Luxurious Wildlife Retreat
15 Days , from US $ 3987 per person

The Luxurious Wildlife Retreat allows you to experience Sri Lanka’s beautiful wilderness and provides ample opportunities for rest and rejuvenation in luxurious and inspirational accommodation. This holiday steers away from the well-trodden tourist trail to allow you to see Sri Lanka at its best: an island with its numerous species of birds, insects, reptiles, mammals and wondrous varieties of foliage in different parts of the island, from the tropical southern rainforests, to scrub jungle, gentle plains and the lush central highlands. Your final days will be spent in a perfect hideaway in Galle just minutes away from the sandy beaches and turquoise seas of the Galle coast.

Sri Lanka Sri Lanka Tour and Beach
Sri Lanka Tour & Beach
15 Days , from US $ 1728 per person

‘Sri Lanka Tour & Beach’ perfectly captures many people’s idea of an ideal Sri Lanka holiday – seven days touring Sri Lanka’s varied landscape rounded off by six days on a beautiful beach.